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Market analysis, news and tools


Tin hoạt động của Sở giao dịch

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consultancy services we provide

  • Consulting listing
  • Consulting options for increasing capital for businesses.
  • Consulting corporate management
  • Determine the corporate value.
  • Consulting corporate restructuring
  • Consulting equitization

APG stock joint-stock company (APG)

Established on November 15, 2007 under license No. 63 / UBCK-GP of the SSC. Through the development process, APG provides nearly all services of the Securities Company, in which the Corporate Finance Advisory is defined as the foundation of APG's operations. We are committed to providing corporate financial services to domestic and foreign institutions based on knowledge trained in developed countries plus working experiences in Vietnam's financial markets. With experience in the field of financial advisory, APG believes that it will create different values, providing the best service with a team of such experienced experts paving the way for long-term cooperation between APG and customer.

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